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Family Lawyer

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If you are facing any problem in your family life, you may consult us for an attempt to resolve your dispute through discussions in a joint meetings at our office in Sector 35-A, Chandigarh. Three different outcomes may arise:

 (i) Resolution of all issues and stay together 

(ii) Resolution of alimony, custody, property issues and file a mutual consent divorce under section 13-B of H.M.A, Quashing of any pending F.I.R,  Withdrawal of all pending complaints and cases filed by either party 

(iii) In case of non resolution of disputes, all issues like extra marital affairs, fight evidences, MLR report of any injury, sexual assaults, dowry demands and domestic violence evidences shall be seen and our expert family lawyer, divorce lawyer, or Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh shall guide you for an alternative remedies.